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Travbiz have been looking after my business and personal travel needs for over 10 years. They have a close understanding of our expectations in regard to connections, service levels and flexibility. They know everything they need to know for bookings, visas, frequent flyers and such – it makes it effortless. And where they really come to the fore is when I need to make an instant change at an overseas airport even when it’s after hours. They are always contactable, get straight onto it and fix the issue. We really appreciate their highly personalised service.

Ian Elliot – Chairman – Elliot Enterprises

Travbiz – because even business travel is personal

Personal preferences We focus on a customer vision that works; to be creative Travel PAs (personal agents) that know all our customers’ personal travel preferences, their peculiar needs and yes even their eccentricities.

Instantly available Customers that value Travbiz are those that dislike being a number in a call queue or a ‘not met’ service level statistic. We aim to pick up the phone within 3 rings every time, there’s no voice menu to navigate, you always get directly through to your dedicated Travel PA every time.

All your travel needs We deliver personalised travel experiences for both our business and leisure travellers. A business traveller one week is a leisure traveller the next – so we don’t categorize travellers into separate travel modes – we treat people as people, not differing customer segments.

We’re not a remote website or an impersonal call centre All our Travel PAs have the experience and the initiative to think outside the square – finding solutions and options that others simply wouldn’t know exist. This provides a personalised and innovative service that web systems and call centres seldom deliver.

A specialist with great buying power We are a specialist agency not a supermarket, yet we are large enough to offer a comprehensive travel management service, underpinned by the international buying power of the American Express Travel Group. We are large enough to deliver the value and management information every business needs, yet small enough to provide that essential personalised service.

A free PA We are your travel manager and Travel PA – you don’t need to tie up an in-house resource for this – we eliminate unproductive staff hours of searching the Internet, managing changes and enforcing your travel policy. We have the latest and most comprehensive information and lowest corporate fares and hotel rates at our finger tips.

Save, manage and streamline Travbiz reduces your travel expenditure by forming a partnership that streamlines your travel policies and harnesses your buying power with ours. You get what you need most; a one-stop travel service, an understanding of your needs, invaluable expertise, real savings and loyalty rewards.

Business Travel

Reduce costs and eliminate unproductive hours of travel coordination.


Business Travel Savings Calculator

Calculate your next trip and see how effective Travbiz can be.


Business Travel Management

For ATO approved expenditure reporting, plus an array of business benefits and rewards.


Your Travel PA

Your Travbiz travel PA (Personal Agent) gets to know your personal preferences.


Travel Buying Power and Worldwide Support

As a member of the TravelScene American Express Group we buy well as pass the savings to you.


Membership Rewards

Simply the best customer loyalty program - the more you travel, the more points you accrue.


Leisure Travel

Our leisure travellers also benefit from our buying power and the dedicated Travel PA service we provide.


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