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Changing flights and locations at short notice is commonplace in our business – it is therefore essential for us to work with Travbiz, a travel agent who understands theses dynamics and helps us when we need them most. We have been using Travbiz for many years now and what a happy relationship it has been since the beginning. To know that your travel agent always ‘gets it right the first time’ and nothing is too much trouble is just what we need.

Lisa Farrow – Reload Agency Australia

We offer the following Online Services links as rough guides to help you plan your travel. We recommend that you use these online tools for ball-park estimates and basic planning only. Our experienced Travel PAs are much better equipped to address your specific and personal needs.

Rail Guide

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Business Travel

Reduce costs and eliminate unproductive hours of travel coordination.


Business Travel Savings Calculator

Calculate your next trip and see how effective Travbiz can be.


Business Travel Management

For ATO approved expenditure reporting, plus an array of business benefits and rewards.


Your Travel PA

Your Travbiz travel PA (Personal Agent) gets to know your personal preferences.


Travel Buying Power and Worldwide Support

As a member of the TravelScene American Express Group we buy well as pass the savings to you.


Membership Rewards

Simply the best customer loyalty program - the more you travel, the more points you accrue.


Leisure Travel

Our leisure travellers also benefit from our buying power and the dedicated Travel PA service we provide.


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