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Travbiz assisted me greatly with all aspects of my travel. Not only are the consultants personal, professional and competitive, but the attention to detail made my trip worry free and a memorable experience.

David McDonald – Presenter Account Manager, Event Services – The Arts Centre

A free Travel PA We focus on a simple customer proposition; to be an integral part of our client’s business effectiveness. Our goal is to add value, to reduce costs and to offer all businesses, no matter how small, a dedicated Travel PA (personal agent) that gets to know our customers’ personal preferences, unique needs and yes even their eccentricities. This one-stop coordination delivers a dedicated Personal Agent service that liberates your internal resources from travel coordination and provides expert management of your travel with focus on adding value on each and every travel transaction.

Coordination of all your travel needs Your dedicated Travel PA will manage your travel needs and be your day to day contact. I.e. managing everything from travel documents, flights, hotels and transfers to leveraging your loyalty points and providing up to date travel expenditure data. Our Travel PAs think outside the square to find solutions and options that others wouldn’t know exist – providing an innovative service that web systems and call centres seldom deliver.

Business and Leisure Customers that value this unique Travbiz Travel PA service are those that dislike being a number in a call queue or a service level statistic. Moreover, a business traveller one week is a leisure traveller the next – we don’t categorize travellers into separate travel modes – your Travbiz PA handles all your customers’ needs – business and leisure.

Save time and money We become your travel PA and coordinator; there’s no need to tie up a valuable in-house resource – we eliminate unproductive staff hours of searching the Internet by having the latest and most comprehensive information and lowest corporate rates at our finger tips.


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Reduce costs and eliminate unproductive hours of travel coordination.


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Calculate your next trip and see how effective Travbiz can be.


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For ATO approved expenditure reporting, plus an array of business benefits and rewards.


Your Travel PA

Your Travbiz travel PA (Personal Agent) gets to know your personal preferences.


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As a member of the TravelScene American Express Group we buy well as pass the savings to you.


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Simply the best customer loyalty program - the more you travel, the more points you accrue.


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Our leisure travellers also benefit from our buying power and the dedicated Travel PA service we provide.


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