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All your travel needs

We deliver personalised travel experiences for both our business and leisure travellers. A business traveller one week is a leisure traveller the next – we treat people as people, not differing customer segments. We find solutions and options that others wouldn't know exist - providing a service that others seldom deliver.

A free PA

We are your travel manager and travel PA – we eliminate unproductive staff hours of searching the Internet, managing changes and enforcing your travel policy. We have the latest and most comprehensive information and lowest corporate fares and hotel rates at our fingertips.

Save, manage and streamline

Travbiz reduces your travel expenditure by forming a partnership that streamlines your travel policies and harnesses your buying power with ours. You get what you need most; a one-stop travel service, an understanding of your needs, invaluable expertise, real savings and loyalty rewards.

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Instantly available

Customers that value Travbiz are those that dislike being a number in a call queue or a ‘not met’ service level statistic. We aim to pick up the phone within 3 rings every time, there’s no voice menu to navigate, you always get directly through to your dedicated Travel PA every time.

Personal preferences

We focus on a customer vision that works; to be creative Travel PAs (personal agents) that know all our customers’ personal travel preferences. We find solutions and options that others wouldn't know exist - providing an innovative service that web systems seldom deliver.

Great buying power

We are a specialist agency, not a supermarket, yet we are large enough to offer a comprehensive travel management service, underpinned by the international buying power of the American Express Travel Group. We are therefore able to provide that essential personalised service.

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